A downloadable Steemy Whale.

I made this game as a beginner project. I decided to start with something easy and this was as easy as it could get. It is officially the first game I ever made (and completed). The controls are simple: you left-click or press spacebar to make the Whale swim. The only sound in the game is that of water. It may be hard to hear. It isn't very polished or professionally made but it is the best I could manage. Hey! It's my first game...

Install instructions

Download and install.


steemy whale.exe 2 MB


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Aside from the fact that the whale is a bit too small and that it's a rip off of a shitty game, it's a good first project. Use that cute pixel art and that sufficient programming knowledge to make something original. :D

Thank you for the words of encouragement. I tried to make the whale bigger but then it would never pass between the pipes. For the record, I don't like anything about Flappy Bird and I agree with you, it's indeed a shitty game. I just thought that it's gameplay would be easy to recreate.

I'm working on a new game concept at the moment. With a little bit of luck, it'll turn out nicely. All in all, this was my first game and in some way I am proud of it even though it's riddled with flaws. Hopefully, it won't be the last game I make. Once again, thanks!

To be fair, there aren't really any FLAWS in the game. Everything works as it should and there aren't any bugs or anything. Still, if you ever feel like you need any advice, feel free to tell me. I started the same way as you did. Not knowing much about Game Maker Studio and working myself up to... well, being pretty okay if I do say so myself. Meanwhile I'll be waiting patiently for your next game, buddy.